June 20,2020

Hi, Players how have you been? Hope you guys are having/will have a nice weekend.
Anyways! Here are your new updates for the week!

The following changes has been implemented. Such as:

-Warsaw Proxy Removed
-Skill Descriptions Updated
(For Skills that lacks info)
-Item Descriptions Updated
-Added Gympass on Cash Shop
-Fixed Land Protector
-Job Helper
(Npc that will help new players with their job quests.)
-AutoPot Command
-Hunting Mission
-Logo/Banner Template Branding
-Prontera Main Town
(New players will be directed to prontera instead of training ground)
-Adventure coins convertion to cashpoint is now 100.

Thanks for always supporting VanityRO. Stay tune for more updates and
Feautures. See you ingame! :D