May 19, 2020

Changelogs for 05/20/2020


*Implementation of:
-Skill Consumables are now available in cash shop
-Item name Neutralizer change to "Shabu"
-Shabu now available in cash shop
-Day 19 attendance change to yggdrasil berry box 1x from bubblegum 5x
-Day 20 attendance change to bubble gum 2x from shabu 1x


Questions about Vanity-R0:

Sup players! How're you guys doing? So, Recently we were asked about the server informations and our dedication
to the server. First of all i would like to say thanks for the player who showed concern for the server. It just
shows how much you care for the server and how interested you are even though we just started. So, yeah here are the
following answers to your questions.

1. What is "Vanity"-RO?
* From the root word itself "excessive pride in or admiration of one's own appearance or achievements."
We took the word Vanity as to describe our server because at some point we, players/former of Ragnarok took pride in being strong. Took pride in our  achievements ingame while never forgetting the element of fun.
2. is the server temporary? permanent?
* Welp folks! This is a very long term commitment! So don't worry about us suddenly stopping.
3.Any plans on putting Job changer/Warper npc in the future?
* No, we are not planning to. Since we strongly believe that our players will find the challenge of questing, navigating fun. A little challenge keeps the blood pumping!
4. Who are the GM's? and how many are they? and why did you start this server?
* Okay the GM's are just me (2deng) and 10K. Former players of ragnarok online but still passionate about it. We just love RO. But now as professionals, on our own fields. We wanted to use our experience in managing a server
while still having fun.

Thank you all for the support and we will do our best to make sure you our dear players can play with ease.

Work hard, Player harder.

*Future Release SNEAKPEAK*