May 30, 2020

Hi players! Let me explain the Adventure rewards system.

Adventure System is a new feature we added in VanityRO in which, Every
players who are "actively" playing the game can receive "Adventure Coins"..

What are the adventure coins?
These coins are used to exchanged ingame (consumable items)such as scrolls,
kafra passes. etc And you can also exchange your accumulated adventure coins
for cashpoints.

How to receive the coins?
You can receive the adventure coins by just simply being active in the game.
Every 15 minutes of you moving around (Leveling,Farming,Hunting) you can
receive 25 Adventure coins.

Where to find the NPC?
Npc is found in prontera (Adventure Coin Exchange)

Adventure System Commands


Reminder: You won't Receive Adventure points if you are afk for 5 minutes.

Thank you and goodluck players. :)