May 30,2020

The following changes will be implemented such as:

-Attendance no longer need to wait 1 hour to get.
-Adventure Reward System
-Can get rewards staying in game
-Adventure reward can be accumulate to exchange to cashpoint
-Added buff scroll adventure shop npc
-added kafra passes to adventure shop npc
-added butterfly wing teleport to town to adventure shop npc

-Replace buff scrolls from single effect to party -Updated price
-Updated foods price
-Replace Light boxed potions to seige potions
-remove kafra passes

- Allows players to skip menu when casting Teleport level 1
- added kafra to prontera main
- added warp to moc_fild20 link to morroc
- added warp to moc_fild20 link to moc_fild01

Thank you for always supporting vanityro :)