Welcome to VanityRO

Welcome to VanityRO!

Thanks for visiting VanityRO. This is a project of two professionals on their own fields but still passionate about RO.

As former players of RO, We wanted to use our experience in managing a server while enjoying the process. We made
the server with the intention of making it as close as possible with the old ro, but making it a little bit easier for our players to level up and hunt. The server is balance due to it's exp rate, drop rates, damage input/ouput etc. Find out more by downloading the game now and receive a starting freebies.Meet new friends or Invite your friends too and together hunt the mvp's roaming around. It's a free real estate if you know what i mean? ;) Download now and explore the world of VanityRO!

Follow us on FB/Discord for more info. See you in game! :D